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Horizontale Drehmaschinen
Horizontale Drehmaschinen
Horizontale Drehmaschinen

Bearbeitungszentren / Portal Type Machining Center

• 5 phase machining spindle head with 2 types
of vertical spindle and horizontal spindle
• Square 380mm Ram and 1000mm stroke Z-axis
for heavy duty machining
• Oil mist lubrication for spindle cooling to
minimize heat deformation.

• One-piece casting structure, box type bed,
column and cross rail maintain high rigidity and
stable accuracy performance.
• Long lasting and stable precise machining
by spindle cooling oil mist to
restrain heat-deformation.

• LM roller guide way used for X and Y axes
• Maximize the efficiency of equipment
with ATC, APC, AAI etc
• High speed spindle with built-in motor
for PMF model