Hankook Machine Tools

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Hankook – Hersteller von Werkzeugmaschinen, Drehmaschinen, Bearbeitungszentren und Plattenbohrwerken!

Hankook's sister company
expands the range of services at the highest level of quality,
whether large-size gears for marine engines, engine gears, reduction gears, water pump,
foundry products, marine engine valves and specialized welding work.

Hankook Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.



A company founded in 1985 to produce large-size gears. These high-precision large gears find their application including marine engines, engine gears, reduction gears and water pump, etc. ...



Hankook Precision Ind. Co., Ltd

Ilheung Metal Co., Ltd.





An existing foundry since 1989. The main products are gray iron, ductile iron ... for the engineering industry. Other high-quality foundry products for other industries will be produced.there also.

KSP CO., Ltd



KSP was founded in 1991. A highly specialized manufacturer of marine engine valves and supplier of specialty welding.


State of the art equipment and highly trained staff provide a quality level that the high demands of modern industry expectations.


KSP CO., Ltd