Hankook Machine Tools

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The company Hankook Machine Tools

With innovation and constant quality controls the growing
demands will meet in the coming years, because the customer's competitiveness and
satisfaction are top priority at Hankook.

In the last 4 decades Hankook has matured through continuous innovation and quality control to a recognized machine tool manufacturer of a significant contribution to the competitiveness of the engineering industry and the need for industry.

Of course .we know that we are still far away from the home-straight, and we remain that we have to work very hard. Just the machine tool industry is a key industry of today's society, which is on the development of other industries decisive influence task.

Each member of our group is aware of this responsibility and strives every day through creative thinking and principled to meet the requirements. High quality and intensive care to give the customer any time the feeling that his decision for our product has been the correct Decision.